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Ten Sure Things

Ten Things That Are Certain And Unshakable
Sep 10, 2002
Roy Lessin 

It has been a year since the events of 9/11 impacted our lives (this was written in 2002). What a year it has been! The images and realities of what occurred during those morning hours of September 11 have changed us forever. We have gone through this past year facing new fears and great uncertainties. Things that once were considered unimaginable and unthinkable are now a part of our everyday lives. Our comfort and security have been stretched and tested, and our values have been shaken to their foundations.

The Bible tells us that "the clouds are the dust of His feet" (Nahum 1:3 KJV). In the midst of the clouds of smoke, doubt, fear, and uncertainty, God has been moving and working out His plan. Because God is a redeemer, I believe that He reveals His mercy and goodness in the times of our greatest need. One redemptive element that has emerged this past year has been the way we have sharpened our focus on what is important, and re-evaluated our priorities on what is of lasting value.

As we think and wonder what is ahead for us as a nation and as individuals, I would like to share ten things that are certain and unshakable, and that you can build your life upon.

#1. God has a purpose for your life. It is no accident that you are alive today. You are here by God's choosing. You were born at this time in History to fulfill His purpose for this generation. He has given you all the light you need to know His will, and He has given you all the grace you need to do His will. If you are committed to His will, there is nothing that can keep you from it.

#2. God is in charge. God has not retreated somewhere in the universe and gone into hiding. He is today where He has always been-on His throne. There is no king or ruler that has more authority than God; there is no political figure that has more influence than God; there is no nation that has more control than God. No one can outthink Him or outsmart Him. He is God Almighty. If you have placed your life in His hands, He is in charge of your life and all you do.

#3. God is sovereign. Nothing can stop His plan or frustrate His purposes. God is not worried about what will happen or what He will be able to do. Nothing takes Him by surprise. He sees the future and He is already there. He knows where He is leading your life and He knows how to get you there. If you follow Him, you will find that He makes no mistakes.

#4. God's Word is dependable. All Scripture is God's written Word. It is 100% reliable because God is 100% infallible. The Scriptures have endured the test of time-men have tried to destroy them but they still remain; men have tried to dispute them but they have had the final say in every argument; men have tried to refute them but they stand over each man's grave as a living testimony to all that is true, righteous, and eternal. If you obey His Word you will never have regrets.

#5. You belong to a Kingdom that cannot be shaken. Throughout history kings have been overthrown, leaders have fallen from power, kingdoms have been conquered, armies have been defeated, riches have been depleted, and fortresses have toppled over. It is only in the Kingdom of God that anyone can find true rest and security. No rebellion can break down its gates, no weapon can penetrate its borders, and no warrior can come against its King. The way of the Kingdom is where your feet can walk; the truth of the Kingdom is what your faith can embrace; the love of the Kingdom is what your heart can give away.

#6. You are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. When Jesus came, He came and shed His blood to save you, cleanse you, forgive you, and deliver you from the power of the devil. His blood has bought you, and the enemy has no claim upon your life. You are His and His alone. He is your Redeemer, and He has taken full responsibility for your life since the day you gave your heart to Him. Because of His blood, your future is secure, your inheritance is guaranteed, and your destiny is certain.

#7. God has given you all that you need to serve Him. The grace of God covers you, the presence of God is in you, the angels of God are with you, the arms of God are around you, the gifts of God are for you, and the power of God is upon you. He has not abandoned you or left you in this world as an orphan, alone and forsaken. God is for you, the Holy Spirit is in you, Jesus is with you, and all the heavenly hosts are on your side.

#8. Jesus Christ is coming back. The outcome of all things has already been determined. Jesus is the winner. He is without rival in the universe. No evil, no outlaw, no terrorist or anarchist will be standing in the end. Every enemy of God will be defeated, every false prophet will be exposed, every evil spirit will be chained, and every accusing tongue will be silenced. The final chapter in the Book of Life has already been written, and there will be no need for rewrites or revisions. All that remains is for its writings to be fulfilled. One day soon, you will forever be with the Lord.

#9. God loves you and will not fail you. You are God's child and He is your Father. He loves and cares for you more than you will ever know. All that He is, He is for you. The depth of His love for you cannot be measured, and its height cannot be scaled. He wants you to trust Him completely because He will not fail you. When you go through trials He will keep you from defeat, and when you face temptations He will keep you from shame. When the enemy comes in like a flood, He will raise up a standard against Him.

#10. Jesus Christ will never let you go. He is with you always. No one can pluck you out of His hand, so you need not fear any evil. He is daily praying for you, and His prayers are being answered. He is preparing a place for you in His Father's house, and He will come for you. If you ever question His love for you, just look at His hands. Jesus will never ask you to do something without His grace. In the dark times He will be your light. In troubled times He will be your security. In uncertain times He will be your guidance. In fearful times He will be your peace. You will never face a day without Him; you will never take a step without His presence walking beside you; you will never face a need without His supply; you will never face a circumstance that He can't bring you through.

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No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.” - Isaiah 54:17 

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